A guide to building your company's brand


BRAND new business

See what we did there? Picture this, you have finally reached your dream of starting a business. The most important step now is to build a powerful brand. If done right, it will propel your business to the peaks of the market.
You have to focus on having your business recognizable and make it stand out against the already well-known competitors out there. You might be thinking that branding is just a logo and you would not be the only one. It is in actuality more like the client’s perception of your brand and it is frankly, the reputation of your business. Worth investing in that, right? But believe us, it really does pay to have a great brand identity. 
In a more official way of putting it, the definition of brand building is to generate awareness and promote your business using strategies and campaigns with the goal of maximizing customer relevancy and marketplace distinctiveness, but also raising brand value. 

The strategy

Creating a brand is a process that requires time and patience, you do not want to rush it. Think of it as your carefully thought out work of art. It needs a vision. It needs a strategy. It needs you to nurture it.
The brand strategy is the first mandatory step you have to take towards building your brand.

Know your brand

Who are you? What do you stand for? Why are you on the market? Why are you worthy of your customer’s love? What will your brand’s tagline be?

Know your competitors

To put it shortly, do your thing and be your unique self, but learn from the mistakes the others in your field did. 

Know your audience

You should know who you are “talking” to as precisely as possible. Here’s a hard truth: Not everybody will like or need you, but those that do should be ecstatic about your brand. Create an ideal buyer persona, focus on them and they will focus on you.

Know your message

What is your mission? What are your qualities and what do you have to offer that is special to your brand only? How do you improve your niche audience’s lives? Tell them your story. What is your brand’s voice? Your brand should have personality and a unique character and your message should be instantly connected by your audience to your brand presence. Connect at a personal level and communicate efficiently.  

The identity

The brand identity is how you dress up your brand through visuals and overall experience. When you ultimately decide upon your brand’s look, you simply have to flaunt it everywhere! You will be doing so with the help of:
  • the logo 
This is your visual representation and you must be careful about how it conveys your identity and message.
  • the colors and fonts
Consistency is the key. Your brand’s colors and fonts? Everywhere.
  • the website design
Here’s where customers will learn about you, so showcase everything you are.
  • the content
This is where your voice will be heard.
  • the advertising
Sell yourself and impact the market with your visuals.
  • the print or packaging
Everything they touch should have your logo on it. 

The marketing

This is the tool that enhances the awareness of your products or services. The more followers you have, the better. All eyes on you! You have many platforms where you can apply marketing strategies on: 

Your website

Your activities will drive the audience to your website and your website can convert them to clients. You want the website to be spot on. Do you have a lousy website? Low chance of conversion and you do not want that.


Through correct SEO management, you will make yourself more visible. Your target is to appear on the first page of their browser search.

Content Marketing

Your content publishing efforts will represent you and can attract website visitors. A good idea is to start a blog. 

Social Media Marketing

You must have a presence on all the most popular channels and post A LOT. The more you post, the more followers you attract, the more followers you have, the more sales increase. Promote yourself, provide original content and engage your followers.

Email Marketing

Once you have a list of subscribers you can provide them with additional content, which can potentially be the right tool at the right time. There’s a range of email marketing campaigns that you can implement: promotional, non-promotional, newsletter, and so on.

Paid Advertising 

Targeted audience, strong campaign, performance tracking, great design and content are the main focus on your mind when thinking about paid advertising.

In conclusion, you will have to invest time and money and your absolute dedication, because you want to create it the professional way from the start. Do not worry, brand building is a continuous process and you will constantly be able to build your brand up, but the base needs to be strong. You will be ending up spending more resources if you have to re-brand it after some time. 
Of course, you want your business to be a success, and now you know that building a solid brand is a key ingredient towards reaching your goal. Your mission stands on the pillars of a strong message and visual identity. Now, go out there and make your brand known.