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Make your SaaS more efficient

Integrate and synchronize your SaaS with other services!

What do integration and automation refer to?

Some SaaS applications can be integrated with other SaaS applications. The integration results in a more fluent experience, higher productivity and overall a better evolution as a company.

Learn what you can do with integration and automation

Save time and effort

To draw advanced reports on your SaaS application usage, you may integrate it with Google Analytics (or any other tool) to leverage systems and minimize disruption.

Elevate your EX & CX!

Having your application integrated with some of the most popular tools and SaaS applications on the market will definitely improve the experience of anyone who is using it!

Ensure Compliance

Automate your SaaS in accordance with your integrations. You can set it to automatically send reminders, messages, or reports with different statistics.

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Integration case scenarios

Meta SaaS integration with Zendesk

Meta SaaS allows you to discover Shadow IT, view usage reporting, and manage contract renewals for all of the SaaS vendors in your organization, in one place.

Integration between Halp and Slack

Using the APIs from Jira Software, you can integrate a SaaS application to automatically display related Jira issues. Doing so, you can automatically create tickets in Jira from Slack using Halp features.

SaaS integrations with Razorpay

Razorpay offers an automation platform with SaaS. It creates subscription plans around different periods of time and billing models.

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