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Get To Know Us

 Who are we?

Digiscope is a young & passionate group dedicated to providing high-quality SaaS services. With multinational team members, both from Belgium and from Romania, we’re aiming to fulfill all your needs.

With proficiency across the IT gamut, we have divided our SaaS into 4 categories, as we set out to develop (web & software development), maintain (software maintenance & support), protect (cybersecurity), and automate (Integration and RPA).



What’s Our Mission?

Our mission is to make the online environment a better experience for all users, developing it, protecting it, automating it, and maintaining it.

The reason we do it is connected with our mission and the way we do it depends on each environment we have to work on.


Why did we start the company?

We strongly believe there is a lot of potential when it comes to Integration & RPA, being a possibility to save more time for other tasks. Also, there is a need for more advanced and diversified Cyber Security services, as the hacking methods are advancing with a higher speed than the security methods. When it comes to Web Development and Maintenance, we want to offer a fast and secure way to have your name online, so your business will grow faster and according to our highly experienced team, we are confident that we can provide excellent services.

Meet The Team

Alexandru Armean

Site Management

Alexandru Cadar

Service Delivery Manager

Ioana Armean

Business Analyst

Miruna Manoila

Cloud Solutions Project Manager

Robert Hututuc

Technical SaaS Consultant

Alexandru Cadar

Service Delivery Manager

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